[U-14] News of International Challenge Cup 2019 results

This is the results of the International Challenge Cup 2019, held in Singapore from November 22 to November 29, that Matsumoto Yamaga FC U-14 participated in.


Group Stage 1st   11/24(Sun) 8:30 kick-off
Group Stage  2nd 11/26(Tue) 19:00 kick-off
Group Stage  3rd 11/27(Wed) 19:00 kick-off
Semifinal              11/28(Thu) 15:00 kick-off
3rd Place Playoff   11/29(Fri) 8:30 kick-off

■The Place

・Singapore Sports School
・Jalan Besar Stadium


[Group Stage 1]
Matsumoto Yamaga FC U14  0-3  PVF(Vietnam)

[Group Stage 2]
Matsumoto Yamaga FC U14  4-0  Perth United (Australia)
Scorer:  Ryosuke Kitazawa×2, Yuto Yoshihara , Tomo Oginasa

[Group Stage 3]
Matsumoto Yamaga FC U14  3-1  Singapore Sports School (Singapore)
Scorer:  Keita Takahashi, Tomo Oginasa, Takuho Sakamoto

Matsumoto Yamaga FC U14  0-2  JDT(Malaysia)

[3rd Place Playoff]
Matsumoto Yamaga FC U14  2-2 ( 4 PK 3 )  Singapore Sports School (Singapore)
Scorer:  Keita Takahashi, Rito Yokoyama


As a result, Matsumoto Yamaga FC U14 was ranked 3rd and Hajime Oikawa was chosen as the best GK.
Thank you very much for your support in the Singapore expedition.